The Island Tradition of Shopping in Hilton Head


Entertainment and relaxation collide on Hilton Head Island, a South Carolina must-visit where you can shop and stroll the seashores all in a single afternoon. The shopping and dining experiences on Hilton Head are varied and dynamic, with a diverse selection of shops and restaurants that bring a new, fun experience to your entire vacation.

Shopping and having fun are Island traditions, with places like Coligny Plaza leading the way as must-stops for natives and travelers alike.


Significance, History, and Beauty of Coligny Plaza

Established in 1965, Coligny Plaza is a historic, sidewalk-lined shopping center, located in the heart of Downtown Hilton Head. There are well-over 60 shops, restaurants, and things to do in the Plaza, making it a one-stop for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Talk about a tradition.

Coligny Plaza brought a lot of firsts to Hilton Head Island—from the first-ever Hilton Head post office, to the first ice cream parlor, pharmacy, beauty salon, and fast-food, short-order restaurant. Over 60 years later, the Plaza has flourished, with a wide selection of boutiques, cafes, shops, and dynamic restaurants to peruse and choose from. History makes Coligny Plaza a beautiful place to visit.

Simply walking the same sidewalks as generations of Islanders is fascinating enough—but throw in the excitement of fresh seafood, live music, and amazing shopping experiences for something altogether unforgettable.


Weddings and Special Occasions

Hilton Head Island is a famed hotspot for weddings, especially in the summertime, when the weather is warm, and the beaches are extra beautiful. Oft-times, weddings and other special occasions, like honeymoons and anniversaries, put The Pelican’s Pouch in the spotlight. Why? Because the Pelican’s Pouch offers special occasion-specific items, like groomsman gifts, newlywed must-haves, and monogrammed bridal shower presents.

Customized wedding and special occasion items boast a 48-hour turnaround, so be sure you schedule your customizations in advance of the required occasion dates. The Pelican’s Pouch aims to make EVERY occasion extra special—regardless of who’s the gift giver, recipient, newlywed, or celebrant.

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A Favorite for Both Travelers and Locals

The one thing that travelers and locals love about The Pelican’s Pouch is the selection of nostalgic stuff you might find there. You never know what a new season will bring in, as the staff strive to keep quirky, expressive, fun items on the shelves at all times. Even their cash-out counter is special, as it was made from a 300-year- old reclaimed door. Ergo, you should expect a rustic charm to greet you in The Pelican’s Pouch.

Looking for something souvenir-like? Take home a bunch of beachy merch that reminds you of seashells, shore strolls, and beautiful sands. Or, if you prefer something a little more representative of your quirky personality, take a look at the hand-painted canvases for your home interior. You never know when you might need a stretched painting of a close-up, super-silly cow to grace your kitchen walls.

If you have a specific purchase in mind, be sure you give them a call to make sure the staff have what you’re looking for. Their number is 843-363-5775, or make the leap to visit us at 1 North Forest Beach, Unit A2.


POSITIVE REVIEWS About Pelican’s Pouch

There are hundreds of thousands of visitors to The Pelican’s Pouch, and Coligny Plaza specifically, each year. Many of them leave positive reviews across social media, from Facebook, to Twitter, and TripAdvisor each year.

Variety of shops and restaurants to peruse with some innovative and unique stores. Plenty of restaurants and ice cream should the mood strike you. Parking is relatively plentiful though the lots can be tight. Just a hop from the restaurants and shops of North Forest Beach as well. Shops should appeal to most ages and tastes including teens and younger children. Great specialty sauce store, Pelican’s Pouch worth a visit if nothing more than to browse.
— K. Guy, Reviewer of South Carolina Attractions


Hilton Head Honors Local Artisans and Craftsmen

The Pelican’s Pouch, and Hilton Head Island in general, is THE place to be if you love handcrafted knick-knacks by local craftsmen and artisan. The Island has a deep, heartfelt respect for local artisans, and many of the boutiques, The Pelican’s Pouch included, honor native craftsmen with in-store displays.

Some local brands that you don’t want to miss at The Pelican’s Pouch includes Kate Spade, Smathers & Branson, Blessing Beads Studio, Buona Terra Woodworks, and Lowcountry Originals. Of course, their displays are ever-changing—so, you should totally plan an annual return to check out their latest in local crafts and artworks.



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