Coligny Plaza and The Pelican's Pouch, Island Traditions


If you’ve ever visited Hilton Head Island’s South End or Downtown area, then you know all about Coligny Plaza. And you’ve probably heard of The Pelican’s Pouch, one of the most popular shops in the Plaza. However, if either of these are new to you, then you are in for quite a treat the next time you visit the Island.

The Pelican’s Pouch is as much an Island tradition as watersports, live music, and fresh seafood. It’s a beloved gift shop, offering hundreds of creative, unique home décor and accessories for all occasions. Travelers and native Islanders alike flock to The Pelican’s Pouch on a daily basis, often leaving with something new and fascinating for their home and office.


The Ins and Outs of Coligny Plaza

Located on Hilton Head Island’s South End, Coligny Plaza is the site of the first-ever Hilton Head bakery, apparel place, beauty salon, ice cream parlor, and post office—to name a few. In the early 1960s, Coligny Plaza was THE one-stop place for everything anyone could want, from a cup of strong coffee, to a brand-new outfit with shoes and accessories, to a fresh-baked tray of pastries, sweets, and goodies.


Nowadays, the only things that have changed about Coligny Plaza are the number of shops and cafes. There are well-over 60 boutiques and restaurants lining the sidewalks, with opportunities to eat, peruse, shop, and run errands at your leisure.

In the last 60+ years, Coligny Plaza has added some of the best shopping and boutiques along with great family entertainment options on Hilton Head Island. The downtown area (downtown Hilton Head Island) is always a hustle and bustle of locals and travelers alike, with live music setting the mood for a cheerful, pleasant atmosphere.

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Souvenirs, Interior Décor, and Handmade, Local Artisan Crafts

You know what’s located in Coligny Plaza? The Pelican’s Pouch; an authentic gift  shop, where southern hospitality, unique knick-knacks, and a creative environment make it a must-visit in the Plaza line-up. The Pelican’s Pouch, located on 1 North Forest Beach, Unit A2, is often called a one-of- a-kind treasure chest. This family-owned store dedicates a large portion of their sales to local artisan crafts, with a focus on helping small boutiques and handcrafted businesses.

You can pick up the usual t-shirts and Hilton Head merchandise to remember your stay on the Island. Or, you could go wild with fine china plates, handmade bracelets, beautiful handbags and mugs with positive quotes and sayings emblazoned on their fronts, and spiritual-dedicated pencil boxes—to name a few. With weekly updates to their merchandise, there’s no telling what you might find on any given day, but it’s ALL amazing.

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Hilton Head Island Wedding GIFTS

Hilton Head Island is well-known for being a top pick for brides and grooms-to- be. Weddings are summertime regulars on the Island, so it comes as no surprise that The Pelican’s Pouch is a great place to purchase reception accessories, bridal shower gifts, or groomsmen presents.

There is even a section of handcrafted plaques, glasses, and interior décor for the newlyweds, giving their homes a cozy, warm reminder of one of the most special days of their lives. Additionally, brides, grooms, and wedding gift givers can have their purchases monogrammed. There is a 48-hour turnaround, so be sure to keep that in mind if you want a specific item monogrammed before the wedding date.

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What Makes the Pelican’s Pouch a Tradition for Locals and Visitors Alike?

Oft-times, the Pelican’s Pouch is a highlight of nostalgia for locals and visitors alike. Some novelty and gift items are classics and antiques, while others are quirky and representative of someone’s unique personality. There are dozens of things to look at and purchase, making the cliché of “something for everyone” 100-percent true.


The High Ratings, Customer Reviews, and Positive Experiences

The Pelican’s Pouch has been a welcome addition, and addiction, to Hilton Head locals and travelers since 2001. In those 10+ years, this shop has garner dedicated, loyal customers, becoming an Island tradition for hundreds. Those tried-and- true returners have made it their mission to let the world know about The Pelican’s Pouch—one social media review at a time. Some of the highest ratings, best customer reviews, and most positive experiences include:

Stephenie Quinn, a local to Hilton Head Island, commented: “This store is simply perfect. Today was my first visit, and I needed 20 gifts for an upcoming conference. Not only did I find everything I needed, but they were so sweet to individually wrap them for me! Can’t wait to come back!”

Krista Wilson left a short, sweet, and simple review when she said: So much fun! I love to go and look around—always makes me giggle.”

Another Hilton Head Island native, Nick Badham, wrote:
“Lovely store, great value, and pleasant staff. This place is a must-visit when at Hilton

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